Blutreinigungs - Laser

Blutreinigungs - Laser

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Blutreinigungs- Laser:

ZD-LSBC is a latest medical device. It belongs to Class 2.
It can treat and prevent cardiovascular and encephalovascular disease through purifying blood.

How does it work? Please see as follow:


1) ZD-LSBC gets low strength laser radiation of 650nm wavelength, which can be absorbed by blood through nasal mucous membrane

2) Low strength laser of 650nm wavelength, is on the top of the HB spectral analysis, which can be absorbed strongly by HB

3) Low strength laser of 650nm wavelength can make the extra fat wrapping around the RBC drop down. So the electriferous power of RBC recovers and the transmutation of RBC improves. Cardiovascular and encephalovascular diseases of lacking blood can be prevented and treated

4) With the dropping down of the exact fat, the combinative oxygen of RBC willbe increased deeply. The supply of oxygen in body is improved at the same time

5) Low strength laser of 650nm wavelength can correct the abnormal metabolism of fat, keeping the balance of fat level and the proportion of cholesterol and lecithoid

6) It can active the sympathetic nerve and the vice-sympathetic nerve, so the circulation of blood in the brain and all over the body will be improved obviously



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